Privacy Policy

The Website (hereinafter “Site”) operated by Morihachi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) is striving to provide more functional and reliable services and contents so that customers my comfortably and securely use the service.

The Company deems it has a social responsibility to appropriately handle and protect the privacy and personal information of registered customers (hereinafter “Personal Information”) and thus is thoroughly making known the following personal information protection policy regarding the handling of Personal Information by this Site.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information is the information regarding an existing individual that can be used to identify that specific individual, such as name, date of birth, etc., or that can be used to identify that specific individual by easily referencing it with other information.

Request to Customers

The Company shall in no way be held responsible for the security of Personal Information handled by other websites that are linked to this Site. Customers are responsible for scrutinizing on their own the Personal Information protection of websites not those of the Company and for striving to provide security for their own Personal Information.

Personal Information Collection and Use

The Company collects Personal Information (name, email address, telephone number) to respond when an inquiry is sent to this Site.
If it becomes necessary to use the customer’s Personal Information outside the scope of the purpose stated at the time the Personal Information is provided by the customer, the purpose will be communicated to the customer in advance. If the customer does not agree with the new purpose, the customer can at his or her own discretion refuse to authorize said use.

Personal Information correction and deletion

If you want to have your Personal Information possessed by this Site be corrected or deleted, then please use the contact information provided on this Site to notify the Company of your desire to have your Personal Information corrected or deleted.

Access Analytical Tools

This Site uses “Google Analytics,” the access analytical tool provided by Google.
Google Analytics uses a cookie to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and cannot specify an individual. The collection of data by this function can be rejected by disabling the cookie, so please check the settings of the browser you are using. For more details regarding this term, please click here.

Obeying Relevant Laws and other Norms

The Company obeys the laws, regulations, and other norms that apply to the Personal Information provided by the customer.
The Company may change the Personal Information protection policy of this Site to provide better protection of the customer’s Personal Information and to respond to changes in the applicable laws, regulations, and other norms.
The contents of this page will applicable from the date they are posted to this Site.

Ownership of Copyrights

All of the copyrights to the information and images posted on this Site are retained by the Company.

Posted Information

The information and images posted on this site are not guaranteed to be the latest information.
Therefore, compensation shall be in no way sought from the Company for any damages (closing of facilities, stores, etc.) suffered as a result of viewing this site.

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